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Interesting Facts About
Retirement in the U.S.

Calpers states there are $280 billion dollars in retirement reserves and only
4% – 5% of the reserves are self directed.

Do you have a self directed ira?

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Build Wealth With Our Partnership Program!

Register today for a 30 minute free consultation. One of our team members will meet with you to answer your questions. The Real Estate Group Partners is a leading investment platform for over 12 years. We are on a mission to bring awareness to “passive financial wealth investment strategies”.

Our goal is to help individuals understand ways they can make their money work harder for them. This information has changed lives across the nation. You can be next it’s no secret that success leaves clues. Schedule  a free consultation to learn more about our partnership program.



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Build wealth with our
partnership program!

The real estate group partners,  is an industry leading real estate investment platform for the past 12 years. We are on a mission to bring awareness to “passive financial wealth investment stratgies”. Our goal is to help individuals understand ways they can make their money work harder for them. This information has changed lives across the nation. You can be next. It’s no secret that success leaves clues. Register now to stay alerted about the latest news from The Real Estate Group Partners.


The current investment environment requires a knowledge of leveraging partnership to mitigate risk in the marketplace. Prospective Partners are interested in Partnership to grow their retirement accounts, ROTH IRA’s, Traditional IRAs, HSA, CESA, and other investment vehicles because of our expertise and knowledge and relationships in the market.

The partnership program at the firm was officially launched in 2015. Since that time we have been able to create a solid track record of principle & Interest paid back to the partners. For more information on Partnerships, schedule a consultation.

Residential Listings

Sales is the lifeblood of any business and our firm has the capability to list its own assets or assets of Partners and clients on the MLS, FMLS, COSTAR, LOOPNET, and data retrieval from STR Reporting involving Hotels and Franchise business.

Whether you are moving to or from the city or bringing a Hotel to market our licensed Real Estate Sales Team can assist you in getting the most Equity out of your property. For more information on our Real Estate Sales Department schedule a consultation.

Commercial Listings

Another area in the 5 Alternative Classes of Assets is Commercial. A Commercial transaction is a space where mid-size businesses due to interruption, experience the need for a sizable capital injection.

It is in this space, that the opportunity for Tax Mitigation to the buyer and Liquidity to the seller is met and transactional fees are collected by the facilitator. For more information on Private Equity schedule a consultation. 

Self Directed IRA

Self Directed IRA needs to be incorporated into every investors investment strategy during their working years so that retirement funds will be available in the non-working years.

The Real Estate Group Partners LLC practices investment through IRA Products which also have a direct retirement benefit to the partner as well as an indirect Tax Mitigation benefit to the partners AGI. These IRA strategies are unprecedented and are the core first step in wealth building for any Real Estate Professional or Entrepreneur. For more information about Self Directed IRA, schedule a consultation.


One of the most imperative aspects to a successful and viable business is access to capital. An entrepreneur with the knowledge and access on how to finance and leverage a transaction is in effect a smart entrepreneur.

We specialize in Commercial Finance, Business Finance and Equipment Finance for Small Business needs and can assist you in securing funds for your business needs. For more information on our Finance Department schedule a consultation.


Insurance is a sound strategy for business, investing and asset protection. It also serves as a vehicle to protect those you love and care about the most. Entrepreneurs can use Life Insurance for example, as a vehicle to finance their business endeavors without having to take out a loan or mortgage their primary residence as collateral for a loan.

Understanding how to properly structure and design a contract that achieves this goal is not something that can be purchased online. This strategy is designed to help you reach your financial goals and objectives. For more information on our INSURANCE PRODUCTS schedule a consultation.


Each month The Real Estate Group Partners Research Team puts out a listing of “Real Estate Opportunities” available within the entire State of Georgia.

This listing of “Real Estate Opportunities” is available to monthly subscribers who are subscribed to the monthly service.This list is compiled and sent out to subscribers by the 15th of the month allowing for the investor to have time to perform their own due diligence.This Research gives an entire picture of potential real estate opportunities available in the State of Georgia each month.

The Real Estate Group Partners LLC does not guarantee your success in bidding, or that the property on the list will actually be sold on the said date (understanding that the homeowner has up until the day of the sale to pay their tax bill). The Sheriff’s department in said county also maintains the right to cancel any sale in any county at any time.This information should be used as an informational tool for “speculation purposes only” and not an investment or legal opinion on real estate market facts or conditions. Govern yourself accordingly.

Title and Abstract Department

One of the more important aspects to our Research & Development Department are our Abstractors. They validate the accuracy of our Research & Development Teams findings. Real Estate Deals do not close without a Title Commitment from a Title Insurance Agency and Real Estate with clouds to title do not get commitments from title agencies.

Understanding challenges upfront on title work allows for key acquisition decisions to be made as it relates to placement. The Real Estate Group Partners LLC owns it own title & abstracting firm and is able to pull title work in a timely fashion. For more information on Title & Abstraction, schedule a consultation.


One of the most important factors to success in a Real Estate Investment Firm is the firms understanding and grasp of Real Estate Law in a specific jurisdiction. Having a Legal Team in house is an unprecedented benefit to protecting the interest of our partners capital.

Knowing which aspects of Law apply to specific scenarios is paramount in the success of each transaction. For more information about our Legal Department, schedule a consultation.


For more information on our Judgement Recovery schedule a consultation.


Financial Education is the most valuable asset we can give ourselves on the pathway to Financial Solvency. Entrepreneurs interested in building Wealth must commit to the process of consistently learning new skills and increasing their financial knowledge.

We understand the importance of creating a business library in your home to be able to access and study specific disciplines in entrepreneurship which must first be understood in order to be mastered.

We are committed to helping investors understand financial concepts.The Real Estate Group Partners LLC was built from these “White Boarding Sessions” and you can benefit as well. For more information about upcoming classes contact us.

Precious Metals

In every economy, Precious Metals is STANDARD in the 5 Alternative Class of Assets. Precious Metals is the cornerstone of wealth preservation. The value of hard assets as gold and silver are what prudent investors use to protect their wealth.,

Whether you choose to hold your own physical wealth in “safe keeping” or in a “vault depository” having this asset class will hedge against inflation and market fluctuations. For more information on Precious Metals schedule a consultation.



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